Kindle 1K System


The goal for any book I create is to build a passive income stream with that SINGLE book of around $200-$300+ per month on Kindle.

That means, on outsourcing and design costs – I’m in PROFIT after month ONE – on the Kindle platform alone, you can NOW leverage that work into OTHER profit streams as well but, I’m getting off topic.

There really is no other business model online that is simpler to operate that Kindle Publishing.Everything can be outsourced, and when you’re making around $300 per month, per book — your income starts to quickly grow …

So, how many Kindle income streams will you create in 2015 with my simple step-by-step system.





We’ve Made It Even Easier By Giving You Access To All These Extras

Module Checklists to Keep You On Track Every Step of The Way

Simply download your checklists before your start any module. Then, as you complete the steps following the video instructions, simply check off what you’ve completed. Each checklist will give you an overview of the main points from the video — so you’ll never forget what you should be focusing on in each step. Forget taking notes from this system, these checklists are all you need.

My Pre-fomatted Kindle eBook Template … (Just Fill in the Blanks)

Formatting your books for Kindle can be a bit of a minefield. So, I’m flat out giving you my pre-formatted Kindle eBook template. Just fill in the blanks with your content, update the TOC and then follow the video guidelines to use a simple software application that turns it into a format that Amazon understands.

Work For Hire Scripts –  (So you know what to say to your outsources)

Unless you’re a writer or professional cover designer yourself, you’re going to be outsourcing some elements of your publishing business. Most people get held back as they are unsure what to say in order to get the job done. Not you. You’ll get my copy and paste scripts so you can just swipe & deploy to get the job done.

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