Kindle Samurai SEO


Kindle Samurai Software will help you generate ideas for you by pulling keywords on demand directly from Amazon’s Kindle Search Suggestions Data, Related Search Data and Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool. You can export this list for further offline analysis or jump right into the running the next steps of the software. With this incredible one-click Page One concussions tool you can take your keywords and, through the software’s Automatic Conclusions Tool, find out the specific keywords you can succeed in : Get the total number of books that currently show up in Amazon’s Search for the keyword that you are analyzing. This is fantastic information for trying to gauge competition and saturation, How many books have the keyword in the title in the first page. As you may already know putting the keyword in the title will help you rank on the first page in Amazon (just like SEO with Google). If you find a bunch of Books without the Keyword in the title, then you just found a goldmine,You’ll also be able to find out if your competition, in the page one, is putting their keyword in the description. Again, if your competition isn’t using the keyword – then there is a massive hole for you to fill and How many reviews your competitors on the first page are getting. Amazon takes into account the reviews books have in part of their ranking algorithm. This is really crucial data to know before jumping into a market and trying to rank on the front page for the keyword you are analyzing


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