Land Marketing Mailer


The Future is Here All Mailers Are NOT Created Equal.Bells and Whistles Do NOT  Results. High Opening Rates Mean  NOTHING without results. Results Come From The Quality of the List and How it is Managed.So- do not wait- the Special Pricing in the OTO Gives Incredible Savings Will End Soon. You will get: Mail Twice per Day with Colorful HTML , Mail Your Downline For Free 30000 Credits Per Month -goes up as Membership Grows, Mail ALL Members , 50% Commission on OTO Sales , 40% on Residual Sales, 40 Credits per Click With 6 Second Timer ,There are Upgrade Levels to Meet all Needs,Unable to Invest? You Still Can Mail the Whole List, 1500 credits is the minimum monthly Goes Up To Cover Membership Growth Land Marketing.





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