Lead Geyser Lead Generation Software


Instantly Find and Connect with Prospective Clients… WITHOUT Picking Up the Phone

The beauty behind the power of this software is its easy-to-use, 2-step process:

1.Select your niche and location, and watch as Lead Geyser INSTANTLY creates a list of prospective clients. One click on a lead will give you all the contact information you need to start!

2.Choose the template email you’d like to send, and VOILA! That’s it. You’ve sent your client a persuasive and powerful pitch, without picking up the phone.

And saving the phone call doesn’t just put your nerves at risk, it also increases your ability to actually connect with the prospect, and turn them into a paying client.

PLUS – With our inbuilt contact management system, you can instantly save the contact, all their notes and set yourself a reminder for when to follow up


Your Two-Step Solution For Turning Leads into 
Paying Clients, With ZERO Hassle

With Lead Geyser, you can EASILY direct yourself to the head honcho the one who will be handing you the money!without trying to dodge past the lineup of employees low on the totem pole.

Unlike other lead generators, Lead Geyser gets in the trenches of Facebook and Google to give you active business profiles (and 9.8 times outta 10, these are run directly by the business owner).

Not only is this going to save you a TON of time, you can avoid stressful phone calls and achieve greater success… and hey, the extra money in your pocket won’t hurt either.




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