List Grab

A more rewarding Viral List Builder is here…it’s called List Grab and it is the creation
of the great mind of Eric Goettman.  Take a look at List Grab, and grab a hold of more
signups, sales, and leads than you thought possible.With the NEW Bonus Grab, you can win…

* Free Advertising!
* Loads of Mailer Credits
* Real Cash Rewards

It’s like being in a referral contest, and you are the only participant.  Claim all the prize winnings along the way. The only thing holding you back is YOU! The more you use the system, the greater the rewards get. Plus, you will get 100 banner and text ads, 100 free mailing credits, and a cash bonus just for joining… this is some great free advertising that just can’t be missed!

Grab yourself more mailing credits based on your activity level. With bonus mailing credits, login page ads, banner ads, text ads, and even free upgrades… Earn more for actively using our system.As soon as you join you are able to email members using credits you earn by reading email from other members.

Reach up to 771 people right now even as a free member.In marketing and advertising you always want to be sure your brand is recognizable. You are a brand so let it shine! Put your name and face in front of people to build loyalty and trust.Do you like earning commissions? You’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 30% of any membership sale when someone upgrades to a more powerful account. Just send people to your unique referral URL.




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