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ListMate Express is an ULTRA-HIGH-SPEED e-mail list management suite of tools to manipulate, organize and process your large files of emails in ways you never thought possible…for all Windows platforms. The software can accommodate maximum data file sizes of 500 megabytes and it features 9 separate tools/screens each with its own host of features…all executed at warp-speed. If you want a tool that cuts through the garbage, whether you do bulk mailing or simply to manage your own small e-mail list, this software package delivers spot on under all circumstances

This is our entry-level platform and while it may not have all of the advanced list-manipulating features, bells and whistles, or horsepower of its bigger brothers… it *still* easily outperforms anything else out there in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness, functionality and ease of use.

At ListMate – this is just the software we specialize in. In fact, we pioneered high-speed, high-volume, industrial-strength email list processing back in 1996 with our debut software release. Since then it has evolved and grown into ListMate… and remains unrivalled in the industry. Simply put, we make the most comprehensive email list management software available – it’s the one the professionals use.

We offer several levels of our software: the entry-level and very affordable ListMate Express, the powerful and full-featured ListMate Pro, and our flagship ListMate Pro Platinum.

If you are a small to medium size business, ListMate Express has more than enough power and features. What’s more, it comes in 3 different “levels”, so you can custom-tailor your ListMate Express solution just right for you – pay only for the power and capacity you need:

Level 1 – for maximum file sizes of 100 megs
Level 2 – for maximum file sizes of 250 megs
Level 3 – for maximum file sizes of 500 megs

(A file of about 4.5 million pure email addresses is approx. 100 megs)

To get a quick overview of its functionality, have a look at each screen’s summary below and click the highlighted link to view screen shots of each of the 9 screens:

(1) CLEANER – Extracts syntactically valid email addresses from a virtually unlimited number of raw input source files. Then de-dupes and sorts all the addresses found into one clean, neat text file – one email address per line.

(2) REMOVER – Will process your remove list against your specified input file at warp-speed. Also allows you to exclude .mil, .gov, .org, and/or .edu from your mailings by simply checking their respective check-boxes. Fastest remover tool in the industry.

(3) FILTERER – Want to avoid AOL addresses or any specific domain in your mailing? Just specify what types you want to filter out and ‘Filterer’ takes care of the rest. Select any or all of 10 pre-set types of addresses and/or specify an unlimited number of custom filtering criteria.

(4) KEEPER – Like ‘Filterer’, but in reverse. Only want to send to certain types of addresses or domains? Select any or all of 10 pre-set types of addresses and/or specify an unlimited number of custom keeping criteria and ‘Keeper’ will keep ONLY those addresses and ignore the rest.

(5) SEPARATOR – Can either separate and sort your list by domain (..essential to speeding up the actual mailing process), and/or produce a ‘randomized’ or scrambled output (..for getting past some of the major online services’ blockades).

(6) APPENDER – Appends or ‘tacks together’ (ie. does NOT sort) all files you specify. Can handle a virtually unlimited amount of files. Quite handy and lightning fast.

(7) SEEDER – Automatically ‘seed’ your outgoing lists with your own e-mail address(es) in order to monitor your mailing’s progress. Very useful.

(8) SPLITTER – Takes a large master file and splits it up into smaller files of any number of addresses you specify. Lightning fast.

(9) COUNTER – Ultra-High speed address counting utility. Also provides a graphical breakdown of the composition of your e-mail list.

Below is a  Feature Matrix comparing the various features and functionality over all the ListMate software products.


If you’ve ever had to perform any kind of manipulation on even a medium-size file of email addresses/contacts, you know what a cumbersome chore it can be. For example, tasks like – extracting only Hotmails, excluding all Yahoos, keeping only those from the UK or Canada, filtering out all AOL’s, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Manually editing them in Notepad or Word? Forget about it… far too time-consuming, it would take you forever. Using a spreadsheet or database-type software? You’ll hit the upper limit and probably crash at around just 60 or 70 thousand records.What’s a person to do? You need specialized tools built exactly for the job… and you want them to work FAST.

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