Our Viral Mailer is credits based assuring you long term quality and better ClickThrough rates on your campaigns. Emaling your referrals do not require credits though. We have a strict quality control policy. Bounced emails or emails that for any reason are bad are disabled to assure high desirability on your campaigns.
No upper limit. Unlike most other viral mailers, there is no upper limit on how many emails you can send to. Provided we have enough qualifies emails you will be able to send to as many as you like, whether your account type is FREE or Pro.Stats.
Get Stats on how many received your email and how many opened it (CTR rate). This allows you to compare your campaigns and improve your results.HitLink Social Integration. Benefit from powerful social marketing tools targeted towards the online marketing niche with HitLink Social Integration.
 Earn HitLink Activity Points here at List Prosper.FREE to signup and use.ListProsper, is free to use. Although we do provide pro accounts with perks and benefits, we will never require you to upgrade. You can use ListProsper for free for as long as you like.

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