LiteFinance The Right Place For Forex Trading 

The online ECN broker LiteFinance (ex. LiteForex) has been providing its clients access to Tier 1 liquidity in the currency, commodity, and stock market since 2005. All major currency pairs and cross rates, oil, precious metals, stock indexes, blue chips, and the largest set of cryptocurrency pairs can be traded at LiteFinance (ex. LiteForex).

LiteFinance (ex. LiteForex) is a high-tech reliable ECN broker with a strong reputation. Our clients can exploit a safe user-friendly online platform for high-speed trading available in 15 global languages and providing access to a great deal of in-built tools for price chart analysis. The fans of the most popular trading platform MetaTrader 4/5 can use it as well.

Trading with LiteFinance (ex. LiteForex) means: high-performance platform, low floating spreads, market execution with no requotes, professional assistance and access to exclusive analytical materials and signals.

The company first appeared in 2005 and since then, LiteFinance (ex. LiteForex) has proved to be a trustworthy broker which is always ready to confirm its leadership. We know that traders choose LiteFinance (ex. LiteForex) – the broker that strives to move forward despite all the success it has already achieved!

An electronic communication network (ECN) has a number of undisputable advantages:

  • Trades are sent directly to liquidity traders
  • No broker’s intevention
  • Instant execution
  • No requotes
  • No conflict of interests
  • No limits on trading strategies

The SocialTrading platform is traders’ social network that provides 4 ways of copy trading. SocialTrading brings global traders together to form a successful community where they can use one another’s experience to reach their goals.

The automatic processing of withdrawal requests of up to $100 speeds up the process of money withdrawals and reduces waiting times for all clients. This option is fully automatic and no action is needed on your part to use it.

It’s easy and fast to start Forex trading with LiteFinance (ex. LiteForex). The registration process takes up about 3 minutes only, and the low initial deposit lets anyone become a fully-fledged market participant.

Why do more than half million traders choose LiteFinance as their Forex provider?

LiteFinance is a reliable Company with a flawless reputation that has worked in the sphere of Forex trading since 2005. LiteFinance owes its leadership to its multiple advantages that set it apart from most brokers.

The LiteFinance group of companies guarantees its clients’ personal information confidentiality and ensures security when conducting non-trading operations. The HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol secure) data encryption protocol used in the personal profile is designed to transfer data between a client and a server securely. It also excludes the possibility of the client’s personal data interception.

LiteFinance invites clients to participate in its regular competitions. The winners receive cash awards and valuable prizes — cars, motorcycles, and gadgets.

Successful Forex trading is impossible without correct predictions and analysis of the financial market situation. Relevant analytics, written by the company’s experts, are published daily on the LiteFinance official website and sent to clients’ emails.

What’s more, to make sure our clients trade successfully, we provide them with the best analytical materials from the independent professional analytical portal Claws&Horns. Video reviews, daily analytical articles, trading signals and expert opinions are available to LiteFinance‘ clients within their personal profiles with LiteFinance!
For our global clients’ convenience, analytical materials are provided in all popular languages.

LiteFinance processes automatically withdrawal requests (up to $5000), which speeds up the process of funds withdrawals and reduces waiting times for all clients. This option is fully automated and no action is needed on your part. Just send a request for withdrawal from the Client’s Profile, and your funds will be immediately transferred to your wallet.



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