Live Video Revolution

New York Times Best Selling Author Joel Comm Presents An In-Depth Look At How To STAND OUT During This Live Video Revolution. With live video, the ability to interact, and see peoples faces, as they’re speaking, in real time is the most legitimate form of social media that we’ve seen yet. live video provides you with an instant opportunity to connect with people all over the world, to grow your brand, to grow your influence, and to be able to make an impact, all from the comfort of your mobile device. It’s truly powerful stuff. See how it’s not “just a game” as some people see live video…By using the power of human interaction people will know, like, and trust you even more and ultimately buy from you. This time it’s live video. Joel Comm has been doing live streaming video since 2008 when came out. In 2015, when the Meerkat app hit the iPhone, there was a tipping point, finally there were applications simple enough to use that allowed anyone to easily stream live video. The pioneers began blazing the trail and the adoption began!



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