When a business has the right backlinks pointing back to their site, it surges their site higher up the search engine rankings.

The same applies to citations.  When a business has their details, and address cited on the right websites, it again, SURGES their site higher up the search engine rankings.

Local SEO Pro is my new desktop software that will solve ALL of the issues mentioned above. Armed with this simple to use software, you will be able to identify the BEST places to get backlinks from, and also publish citations.

Both niche and country specific! It will be your tool of choice when it comes to anything related to backlinks and citations – The TWO most important ranking factors in 2017/2018 for LOCAL SEO.

Citations are vital when it comes to ranking a clients business on the 1st page of Google and in the ‘Google 3-Pack’. Local SEO Pro allows you to identify the EXACT sites where your clients competitors have their business ‘cited’.

This will allow you (or your client) to get citations from those SAME sites, pushing your clients business higher up the Google rankings (and also into the elusive 3-pack).