Long Tail Pro

Created by an internet marketer by the name of Spencer Haws, whose purpose for designing this nifty piece of software was similar to my own need – to find long tail keywords that he could use in his written content. This is so very significant nowadays because by targeting these long tail keywords or search phrases, the traffic to your website can be increased dramatically at a speedy rate with organic traffic from Google and other search engines.The truly great thing about this product, though, is that it’s not just all about keyword research. There are also plenty more aspects of this product that can greatly help internet marketers. The features are :Mouse hover “tooltips” for summary of options function,Quickly toggle between the setting and keyword page, Step by step instructional videos, One-time payment for Long Tail Pro – no sneaky add-ons, This product is immediately downloadable after purchase, Free lifetime updates,“Wish list” requests for new features in future versions,Free access to the Long Tail Pro user community,Discover the long tail keywords that are generated from a seed keyword or phrase, Compare the results in terms of Average CPC, volume of local searches, and the level of advertiser competition; i.e. high, medium, low. The tool works amazing. Already got 920 plus keywords and 6 domains. Looks like your software will make me spend more on domains now. But that s good. Long Tail Pro is certainly the best tool I have used to date and I have used most of the tool that exists in the market, right from Micro Niche Finder to Market Samurai to Word tracker.

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