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The new QuotaPoints system at Max Mailer Pro lets you do things that no other viral mailer can.Mail how many you want whenever you want, even if you are a free member. It is YOUR choice at Max Mailer Pro.You even get 150 credits free just for joining, no upgrade required. They were already one of the best new Viral Mailers and they just got even better.They have this new thing called Quota Points that you can earn, and man , these things are potent.You can learn more about Quota Points on their homepage. Once you try out Max Mailer Pro you are going to be mad at every other mailer you have tried.You will be mad that none of them have ever given you the ability to adjust your settings to how YOU use the site.Mad that they have always forced you to mail when THEY say you can, not when YOU want to. when it comes to an advertising site that has been consistently ranked as one of the best sites to get results its huge And it just keeps getting better, check out my most highly recommended mailer now and grab 500 free credits when you set up your account.



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