MaxMailz The Unique 360 Degree Technology Lets You Build Massive Profitable Email Lists


You normally have to find one service that does one thing, pay monthly for that service, then find another service that does something else while shelling out big bucks for that service too. Just one of the popular services alone could run you $97 a month. That’s over $1,000 a year. And you need buy multiple services like this.

By the time you’re done, you’re spending a few hundred a month (or more) and, there is still no guarantee that your emails will be delivered in inbox to your subscribers and you get any results. And if you are thinking of using old school mailing software available out there, that you can host on your servers then you should avoid it as they always comes with complications and you can’t use them without technical experts.

Publish a lead capturing options using 100s of DFY templates and stat-of-art, drag & drop lead page and popup builder.Using our elegant and ready-to-use templates or you can create from scratch.Send emails and get highly targeted traffic on your products, services and affiliate offers to make profits on demand.

Just like building a funnel, you’ll be able to visually design the journey of your email follow ups with total ease. This will give you a perfect view of how your campaign will look to your subscribers. Once you’re done and satisfied with your designed campaign, simply let the automation do all the work of managing the campaign for you while you sit back and profit.

Unlike other page editors, our page editor is truly what you see is what you get. (WYSIWYG). There are so many features included that you’ll be floored at how easy it is to design your lead pages and other items inside of MaxMailz. Everything will be perfectly positioned on the screen so you create the perfect page and elements the first time without any frustration.

You’ll also be pleased to know that you can use MaxMailz with a ton of the popular autoresponders out there. This way you won’t have to switch all your lists and contacts over if you don’t want to. You can keep your autoresponder service while taking advantage of all the power and features of MaxMailz at the same time.

You’ll find that most email editors to be clunky and…well, not very user friendly. But as we said before, we use email a lot in our marketing and often found with other software that it was a pain just to write a decent email. So that’s why we’ve designed the perfect email editor. One that’s non-intrusive, but delivers an amazing writing experience that helps you craft the perfect email to your list.



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