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Here’s How You Can Generate More Sales With My Bookstore App Starting Today!
Your White Label License To “My Bookstore App” Lets You Create Your Own Bookstore App, Sell More eBooks And Make More Money Than Any Single Online Source Today. Guaranteed

As you probably know, multi-billion dollar companies Apple and Amazon launched the brand-new platform for selling ebooks: Apple’s iBooks and Amazon’s Kindle.

Frankly, it’s a GAME-CHANGER that opens up a whole new world for smart marketers like you. And just recently, Apple embedded their iBooks app into the new iOS 8 operating system. Now, all their new products will have iBooks. Forevermore.

This new system works for you in 4 easy steps!

Both Apple and Amazon make it as EASY as possible for the public to purchase and use ebooks through their bookstore apps!

That’s why we designed the “My Bookstore App” to be a cloud-based, template-based bookstore app.

In that way, it’s just like Apple’s iBooks app – and it blends perfectly and seamlessly with their new iOS 8.

Therefore, the “My Bookstore App” is a bookstore application that allows YOU to upload and sell your ebooks directly – to a million possible new customers a week – using In-App Purchase on the iPhone and iPad, Android devices and Amazon Kindle.

That’s the Key!

Just like Apple’s iBookstore, My Bookstore App makes it SUPER-EASY for people to BUY YOUR EBOOKS!

And we WANT you to sell a TON of ebooks!  And maybe you’re thinking: “… But Apple is already making all the money!

Believe me, they’re not even taking much of the pie. You can have YOUR OWN BOOKSTORE APP on Apple devices and you’ll make MORE money selling through your own bookstore app on iPhones and iPads than through the other platforms!

In other words, it’s not “just” for the Apple system. But it is among the FIRST apps of its kind available for Apple’s mobile devices, all Android phones and tablets, AND Amazon Kindle.

The main advantage is that it allows your customers to make in-app purchases.


You’ll get access to two templates for iPhone and Android phones AND for iPad, Kindle, and Android tablets!


Upload your ebook cover… upload your ebook file in PDF or .epub format… add more and finalize…


Just choose the device you want to install your app on (iPhone, iPad, Android, or Kindle)… click on a few buttons… and voila!


That’s all there is to it. You’ll publish your bookstore app in the Apple app store or Google Play store.So take a moment NOW to get access to Your Bookstore App” and get started today.Self-publishing is surging to over 30% of the ebook business. Your Bookstore App” enables you to get YOUR “piece of the pie” before other titles crowd you out.

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