You will always know how our solution works and how your information flows through it as we are 100% open source. You have the freedom to bring your data onto Mail In Cloud or take it off at any time. Never be constrained technically or financially with us.


It is this dedication to trust that makes it possible for over ONE MILLION emails and files to be securely sent and shared every day. We do not track your information, give anything to third parties ever, and of course no ads


A lot of space for your emails and easy archiving means that you can keep your correspondence for as long as you wish – and easily find it when you need it. it also allows you to easily organize your data, giving you storage for your photos, videos, music and other files.


This means you can easily share your documents and media with anyone you wish. Personalization is also an important feature of mail in the cloud from Help keep your work and personal life separate with multiple email addresses that make their purpose clear at first glance.