Next Microsoft Edge Update Seeks To Drag Internet Explorer Users Into The Future

People have been surfing the Web with Internet Explorer for a quarter of a century. Microsoft is ready for Windows users to leave it behind once and for all and embrace the much more modern Edge.

Microsoft Edge version 87 is slated for release on November 19. When it rolls out, Internet Explorer diehards are going to see a much more aggressive pitch from Microsoft to make the switch.

If you’re still using Internet Explorer and happen to visit a site that has known compatibility issues Edge will automatically intervene.

A new Edge window will appear with an overlay letting you know what’s happening. The same screen will encourage you to import your Internet Explorer favorites, history and saved passwords.

You can choose not to, naturally, and just view the incompatible site in Edge instead. Doing so will allow you to prolong the inevitable a bit longer. Internet Explorer will still continue to work in this reduced capacity until at least next August.

For end users at home, however, there’s no time like the present to make the switch. Edge is built in the same mature, stable code that powers Google Chrome. It’s fast, standards-compliant and highly customizable. It’s also front and center in the big Fall update that’s now rolling out to Windows 10 users.

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Winding Down

Microsoft will gradually wind down support for Internet Explorer across its many apps and services over the next year. Microsoft Teams will drop IE next month. Bleeping Computer also reports that corporate users will need to use a different browser when signing in to their Microsoft Accounts.

Even when you can no longer launch the actual Internet Explorer browser you’ll still be able to lean on its 25 years of service. This will be critical for many enterprise environments.

One big reason that Microsoft hasn’t been able to simply close the book on Internet Explorer is that many customers still use applications that were designed to work exclusively in IE. Try running them in another browser and you’re asking for trouble.

Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge should allow enterprise users to make the jump once and for all.

Lee Mathews

Lee Mathews

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