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Niche Website Theme 2.0 is a completely customizable niche website software solution. Calling it “just a theme” would be a disservice. Inside the theme you can quickly set up your niche website It is the premium WordPress theme which is designed to solve every problem that you face in creating niche websites and to deliver the most cash for your traffic. By this theme, you can churn out perfect sites in under 10 minutes each and make more money with way less hassle.The benefits that you get from Niche Website Theme 2.0 Unlimited include:No More hassling with code, No more searching for the roght-looking theme for a particular niche, No more wasted hours spent setting up your sites, No more pain trying to split-test your advertising, No more struggling to match ad colors to your theme.Inside the Niche Website Theme 2.0 Unlimited, you can quickly set up your niche website following 3 simple steps.Step 1: Pick your layout from one of ten different proven quality website layouts. Step 2: Select where you want your ads to go, insert your Adsense code, banner ads from other providers etc. Here you can rotate between multiple different banners if you want to split test all within the theme itself. Additionally you can configure your Adsense ads to automatically change colors based on what you choose while setting up your website (big time saver),Step 3: This is where you customize all of your theme settings from logo, header, colors, social media options, what pages your ads display on, etc.You can install Niche Website Theme 2.0 on any of both your personal websites (unlimited) and your client websites (unlimited) as well as you can sell your websites on Flippa or elsewhere that use Niche Website Theme 2.0 and the new buyer will not need to buy a copy of the license; however, they can only use the theme on that URL.


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