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Get Ninja Blaster Facebook Auto Group Poster. Ninja Blaster is a unique Facebook marketing tool that can be used for automatically posting in Facebook. What can you do with Ninja Blaster?

Well you can join unlimited groups with just one click all you have to do is to search the groups with your desired keyword after that you can start posting and sharing in these groups with just one click. If you are looking for best Facebook auto group poster than this tool is perfect for u.

Ninja Blaster drive your account like a natural Facebook user that’s why there is no threat of getting ban from Facebook. Let me explain to you about it. Main problem in other Facebook auto group poster softwares was spamming.

Facebook detect spamming behavior with all other auto group poster but Facebook can never detect spamming in Ninja Blaster because it allows you to set the time between regular posting or joining.

If you want to share a link in 100 groups than Ninja Pro will wait for 1 minute after every share and you can set time periods according to your needs.


Ninja Blaster Facebook Auto Group Poster Features

  • Facebook auto group joiner
  • Facebook auto group poster
  • Facebook auto page poster & Status Updater
  • Pinterest auto poster
  • Ninja Blaster Keyword Research Tool
  • Ninja Blaster Proxies
  • Much More



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