Omniwebinars – How To Turn Any Video Recording To A LIVE Broadcasting Webinar

Omniwebinars is a cloud-based app. So whether you’re on a Windows, Mac OS or even mobile, you can access and use it from anywhere you want, anytime. Unlike other apps and other webinar platforms, we don’t put any any cap or limit on the total number of registrants, everything is truly unlimited. 100 or 10,000 attendees, everything is up to you.

Use OmniWebinars to win your readers trust and look like an authority in their eyes, give them great free content on webinars and they will become your blog’s reader for life. Invite them to get on your list to take advantage of special offers to build a huge list in the process!

If you’re a product creator then you will absolutely love OmniWebinars. You can use OmniWebinars to give live walkthroughs and demo of your product addressing users concerns and queries live (needless to say without even you being in front of your computer) and make the most from every visitor that lands on your site.

Regardless of if you are an established internet marketer or just starting out, you can now tap into webinars and the huge income potential they have to offer without having to be held hostage by expensive webinar services or bug laiden crappy apps. You’ll instantly boost sales and lead signups with OmniWebinars.

Example: Use OmniWebinars with a perfectly edited recording and broadcast it as a live webinar for anyone who opts in to your list to gain instant trust from your subscribers and to start making sales.

OmniWebinars enables anyone, even a complete newbie, to broadcast a truly 100% fully automated LIVE webinar, from a recorded video. But what really makes this app the first-of-its-kind is, unlike other apps that claim to do automated webinars, OmniWebinars, because of its TruLive technology runs a LIVE webinar with everything that actually happens during a regular webinar like taking questions from your attendees, redirecting your attendees to a page of your choice and a call to action button on time you specify – all of it without your actual participation”

Omniwebinars Features:

  • TruLive Technology turns any video into a fully automated live webinar
  • Take questions during your live call and answer them without you having to be in front of your computer
  • Redirect your attendees anywhere you want during the call
    Introduce call to action when your attendees are most likely to purchase from you.
  • Build a buyers list fast using built-in export feature and export them in your favorite autoresponders .
  • Broadcast your webinars in ‘cuts’ so when an attendee tries to join back a webinar, they start right from where they left of. No other software in the entire market can do this and much much more



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