OnePlus Confirms Advanced Technology For New OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus Invite, April 2019 (via Imgur)

Naturally the sight of a corner of what we assume is the new phone shows the design cues without spoiling a full reveal. The narrow edges of the heel along with the sculpted lines suggest curved glass, and likely a curved screen visible from the edges. There’s a distinct lack of chin on show as well, pushing a much higher screen to body ratio.

In a world where leaks are inevitable and the specs and hardware of a smartphone are clear to those paying attend, trying to hold back one more thing for a product launch would require a herculean effort. Rather than put energy into this approach, OnePlus is using the spoilers and leak’ coverage that drives the internet to its own advantage.

Now read more about the speedy storytelling behind the latest OnePlus 7 launch

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Source: OnePlus Confirms Advanced Technology For New OnePlus 7 Pro

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