Opinion: How To Cherry-Pick Cryptocurrencies?


Some metrics are used time and time again to help technologists claim some sort of supremacy for their protocol. There are two that stand out: transactions per second and market capitalization; however, are these two metrics what matters when picking what cryptocurrencies to invest in? The ability of cryptocurrencies to scale is constantly in question, and the best way to measure their ability to handle a higher capacity is by looking at how many transactions can be processed by a particular cryptocurrency. The problem arises when it becomes clear this is a marketing gimmick more than an effective tool for evaluating the long term potential of coins. When Bitcoin implemented Segwit , all the current problems with unconfirmed transactions disappeared and, for the time being, there are no more issues with it. Some more important questions for investors to ask is, what is the current demand on the system, is the protocol meeting those demands …Read more



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