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Page Swirl provides a powerful way to save you time and market more effectively online. We provide the tools you need to take your business to the next level. And our GOLD Pro membership is the best of the best! you get the following benefits:Rotate up to 5 websites/banners/HTML code,Live up-to-the-second statistics,Set the amount of traffic each URL gets per day,Conveniently add or delete URL’s,Rotate an UNLIMITED number of websites/banners/HTML code,Prioritize how often each of your websites is shown (1-10 times),Disable and enable websites without deleting them,Earn 50% (residual) commission from every PRO and GOLD Pro membership you sell.Earn 25% (residual) commission from every Main Co-op membership PLUS PRO Members Receive Valuable Bonuses Every Month.Breaking Traffic News! Page Swirl has A New Owner And Boy Is He Taking The Internet By Storm!” Dan Moses of Click Thru Marking has completely re-vamped and brilliantly increased the overall value of this program.In fact… with our rotator alone we beat our competitors hands down on features…Rotate UNLIMITED URLs, Invisible To Viewers, Generate Quality Traffic, Point-&-Click Simplicity, Add Or Delete URLs, Prioritize Websites, Disable/Enable Feature, LIVE Statistics, NO Pop-Ups,NO Banner Ads, NO Navigational Frame, Earn Monthly Residual Income.Just look what using Page Swirl can do for you!Page Swirl allows you to enter just one URL into all of your Traffic Programs. Instead of having to change your URLs throughout 100’s of Traffic programs that you might be a member of, all you have to do is change one URL in your PageSwirl account. Instantly, all of your URLs across your entire network are changed!




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