Profit Sku


Product research is so important for any dropshipping business you run. What’s the point in dropshipping if you can’t find the right products to list. You don’t want to go blind in this business.  You want to find what’s selling, and you want to rake in profits quickly.

Luckily, we have Profit Sku for your product  research where you will be skipping all the dirty work, like researching,  and with a click you start finding proven-to-convert ‘hot’ products which are selling right now for you to list in your eBay or Amazon store.

You are eliminating trial and error, while also saving LOADS of time when listing with Profit Sku.Profit Sku is a software that has automated these techniques that usually take hours to do manually, and helps you find profitable products which are currently selling, and also helps you undercut your competition with items which are selling for them too.

It really makes your product research for your dropshipping business  extremely easy to do.This software is extremely powerful for quickly finding the best products to sell on your eCommerce stores, like eBay or Amazon.

You Also have the choice to scrape items from 300 different suppliers, including Amazon, Walmart, Overstock , eBay  etc. and also giving you the option of listing directly to your ebay or amazon store through hydra lister (ebay autolister) with one click.


With this tool, you will learn the fundamentals about arbitrage and dropshipping with a click of a button. You will be able to scrape profitable items from from 300 suppliers, and also you are also given the choice to undercut your competition with profitable items which Profit Sku finds for you to list.  


Profit sku doesn’t stop there….If you want to list with a click of a button , you have the option of using Hydra lister, where with just 3 clicks you are able to list on eBay or Amazon from your backoffice.   This is a cloud based software nothing to download or install.



scrape items from over 300 suppliers available for dropshipping, including giants like Walmart, Overstock, Amazon, eBay, etc.

If you are new to eCommerce, then you need to have a look at this tool now. If you are already into it, it will assist you to make more.





Businesses need well-built funnels. Over $10,000 worth of new business is waiting for you by leveraging the power of sales funnels.Create funnels for your own business or sell these as a service to businesses around you.

Think of an offer, an offer so irresistible that your customers can’t ignore. Build it out, be it a free eBook, or a Discount coupon or a Free Shipping Offer. The possibilities are endless.

It’s time to translate your offer into a landing page. With FunnelScape, we have pre-made templates that we have designed for various niches with sample offers so you don’t need to look that far away. Customize it and change it up and that’s it.

Our easy funnel system allows you to do all these in under 5 minutes. From creating your landing page and linking to your email autoresponder and launching your page, only 5 minutes separate you from doing it blindly to becoming a sales funnel pro.

To top it all off you can:

– Easily brand it as your own
– Drag and drop system to make edits
– Built-in graphics and image
– Eye-popping animations
– Pre-made so you don’t have to work all night

It’s a complete system from design to content to the pitch. Best of all it’s a proven system so say goodbye to the frustrations and the guesswork.


Just imagine how efficient you will be when you start scheduling meetings or even online presentations and show them how to use social media the right way. Instantly sell Management, Advertising, Lead Generation and Sales Funnel services.

FunnelScape is in its simplest form is a funnel system for your business that includes landing pages and sales pages to grab important leads and close those sales. Businesses and individuals can take advantage of the easy way to set up and use FunnelScape.


Where it gets cool is that your customers can essentially start a business from scratch with this system. From consulting to creating custom funnels your customers can virtually sell anything and help businesses take off and grow.

– Drag and Drop Editing
– Eye-Popping Animations
– Multiple Layouts
– Webinar-Ready
– Full HD Presentation
– Easy to Use
– Done-For-You
– And a whole lot more to make your life a lot easier





BlankPager is new WordPress plugin that allows you create cool and elegant web page in less than 5 minutes. Integrated with hundreds templates and also Drag and Drop Elementor Page builder for WordPress. So, user can easily edit the templates without coding and design skill.

Now, you can turn your WordPress sites look like elegant and professional website. Yoedi just recently released it’s new WordPress plugin. This is one of the best WP Plugin you have ever seen. Very awesome WordPress plugin that allows you create cool and elegant web pages inside your wordpress sites in minutes, just in 3 simple steps.

Insert , Edit and Done.You can use this plugin to create shop page. Blankpager is integrated with Woo Commerce plugin and also comes with many Woo Commerce widgets. This is the web page builder plugin that comes with 100 templates ready to use

– 15 Business templates
– 10 Sales page templates
– 10 Contact us page templates
– 10 Coming soon page templates
– 10 Welcome page templates
– 10 Optin page templates
– 10 Service site templates
– 5 JV page templates
– 5 Bonus page templates
– 5 aApp landing page templates
– 5 Woo Commerce page templates and so much more

Comes with many additional widgets which are not available in elementor plugin such as contact form, Optin form, recent posts, responsive menu, and more. You can also configure SEO settings for each page easily from WordPress page editor area. Only need to install free SEO plugin that’s available on WP dashboard.

You can use all features in Elementor plugin, including drag and drop feature. Elementor is the best free Page Builder plugin you have ever seen because it comes with many premium features.  Using BlankPager and Elementor, you can create unlimited web layouts inside your WordPress site.




Quora Cash Machine


Thousands of marketers have already indulged in Quora Marketing and been successful. If you don’t know this phenomenal marketing strategy Quora shares a tremendous knowledge to more than 100 million users a month. With more than 400,000 topics, it covers almost every query that a human brain comes across.

People love to listen to the influencers on any platform. On quora people want answers for their questions and solutions for their problems. To be an influencer, you need a large number of followers and more number of upvotes. QuoraDominator helps you with these two key aspects of Quora Marketing and makes you an influencer of your niche in the community.

Given its precision in finding the right question and answers for a query, people love to visit Quora. Being a fountainhead of knowledge that gives value to its users, Quora is the best place to brand your business. Using Quora Cash Machine you can:

  • Value to the users with quality niche content brings credibility to your business
  • Links provided in the popular answers drive traffic to your website
  • Catch the eyeballs of prospects and drive them to your landing page thereby generating quality leads and sales

To gain valuable traffic for your business from Quora. Your answer should be at the top of every answer written for the particular question. And to achieve top position your answer must be upvoted by the readers.

Getting upvote for your answer is the mul mantra to be the leader of Quora marketing. Upvote is the primary feedback which tells authors that their content fulfilling the prospects. People having different perception someone will like your content and some will not.

And if your content got a downvote from the reader then it will impossible for you to be on the top of the answer list. Who will be at the top is decided by upvote given by the reader. And gaining upvote for your content on Quora is not a cup of tea for everybody.

But don’t be panic QuoraDomiantor is here to rescue you from every prospect of Quora Marketing.



You can give the desired number of upvotes to the answers that are in the favor of your business. You have to input the URL of answer and input the number of votes required to it. Once you click on the start button, QuoraDominator will start its work. With the safe automation methods, your answers can secure the top position on an answer page.


Turn down the answers that go against you. Just like upvoting the answers, you can cautiously downvote the answers that cause the defamation of your business on Quora. Input the URL of the answer and the number downvotes required and click Start. Thus, you can protect your reputation in the Q&A community.




With Instaffiliate you will have a set of optin pages and Landing pages that will enhance and complement the FIRESALE Pack. You will have access to these extra resources also powered by Inst Affiliate.

All you have to do is use custom link to send traffic to any  pages. These pages are integrated with the different resources included in the Firesale Pack (the review websites) or link directly to a Clickbank product with their affiliate ID embedded.

This tool you will have the following privileges:

  • A set of guide and review websites with professionally written content. Cross linking to multiple review websites and targeted squeeze pages to improve ROI
  • Login and get the links to your conversion paths. DONE. Simply share these links (we teach you how during the kick start webinar) and start collecting commissions. We even build, manage and monetize your list!
  • Integrated with Clickbank, customers are paid every 2 weeks like clockwork and they can access all their stats directly from Clickbank
  • Inst Affiliate is used by 18500+ members. This new edition goes one step further and will generate more leads and commissions for your customers

You can simply download the following pages for your site only. All you have to do is share their links and start collecting commissions. It has already built and managed by our site.

We have created 60 affiliate review websites with great content. All these websites are created, hosted and operated on your behalf, so that you don’t have to worry about all the technical stuff. We also monetize those on your behalf.

When you join, you will be given access to the member’s area where you will get “special” links linking to all these websites and to all the content and reviews. These links will carry your Clickbank ID (we explain what it is and how to get one at no cost).
All you have to do is share those links (we also show you how in our traffic generation training, which includes our amazing Facebook kick start guide). Whenever someone visiting your links purchase one of the 400+ products promoted onto these review websites, you earn a commission.

And commissions are instantly tracked in your Clickbank account and you get paid every 2 weeks by Clickbank directly. It’s really convenient and is the easiest lazy man’s way to making mo’ney online. Believe me they’ve been using those systems for quite some time, as well as close to 22k Instaffiliate members.


FlickGraph Cinemagraph Creator


Cinemagraphs are living photos that look like a still photographs but have a moving part, which loops forever. Because the motion part contrasts with the stillness of the rest of the image they instantly catch attention.

Cinemagraphs are news feed scroll-stopping content, almost impossible to ignore, easy to digest, fun to share, and they get results.This is why social media are exploding with cinemagraphs that go viral.

It is a massive opportunity which is growing at staggering rate and you can immediately tap into it.This is also why big brands like Apple, Netflix, Canon, Mercedes-Benz, Dior, and others started using cinemagraphs, and you should too.

Unfortunately, without the right tool, cinemagraph is difficult to create and it could take days to make just one.But now there is brand new, revolutionary FlickGraph software, which makes cinemagraph creation super-easy and fast.

All it take is 3 steps to make incredible cinemagraph with the software:

Step 1 – Import a video

Step 2 – Select a still frame

Step 3 – Erase part of the still frame where you want motion to loop and export cinemagraph.

It’s that easy. No design or technical skills is required. Just select a video, select a frame, erase, and done. with cinemagraphs you can tap to that 48% of Facebook traffic you previously did not have access too.

However, until now there was a big problem. It could take days to make just one cinemagraph plus it used to require high level of photoshop skills.The new FlickGraph software, which was just released, allows you to make cinemagraph in under 5 minutes, and it is so easy to use that it requires zero skills.


With all that autoposting software around and generally social automation somehow nobody thinks about, the most import thing is to actually get HUMANS stop scrolling and give them something theycan share and look good doing it.

Over the last, the cost of FB ads shot way up and so called ads blindness significantly increased to the level when people hardly see any ads.Those days getting decent FB ad relevance score is harder than ever.

All that contributes to more and more marketers failing on FBs ads and actually lose money there instead on of earning income.To combat this trend big brands and digital marketers recently started using living photos, which now many call Flickgraphs (previously cinemagraphs)

Toronto startup achieved 41% FB ads cost reduction and 9 of 10 FB relevance score (4 point increase) after static images were replaced by flickgraphs (when the same image was used first as static and then with a moving part).


Data JEO Traffic


Walt Bayliss is about to release a new piece of software that can literally uncover buyers for ANYTHING in just minutes. Not only that, but the program will show you exactly how to reach the people even down to which YouTube channels they subscribe to and Facebook groups they hang out in.

Data JEO is a revolutionary software that takes away the burden of data research and tracking from your shoulder. The application consists of 2 part: data research and data tracking. It will help you with two of the most important elements when building and implementing a marketing campaign.

Would You Get Better Results? This new software delivers that. Every time. In Seconds. What if you could reduce the cost of acquiring a customer but 60% immediately? What if you could put your ads on EXACTLY the YouTube channels and Twitter accounts that are PROVEN to be the best ones for your audience. Could you grow your business right now?

Imagine that whenever you wanted to enter a new niche or run a new campaign, you could push a button and be given something like this. Data JEO finds everything you need to develop a winning strategy.

Data JEO makes sure you understand your niche better than the NSA understands your phone records.Data JEO helps massively reduce risk in practically every business decision you make.DataJeo gives you the ability to uncover—and use—the insider secrets, sure-fire strategies, and dirty-tricks used by your competition to stay at the top of the industry.


Pick any Product and immediately KNOW Who the audience is and how to reach them (And you can do this over and over again!) and Build a sustainable, stable, scalable business based on FACTS, not guesswork.

DataJeo Shows You What People Are Looking For

Search by Keyword or Domain:
Start exploring products related to keywords, or break down a successful competitor’s website to see what they’re selling.

Deep Search:
Data JEO will bring you back as much data as you like with just a few clicks of your mouse. It’ll even email you when your results are in so there’s no need to wait about – or even have your browser open.

Refined Search:
Simply check or uncheck a few boxes to drill down into your data for specific results fast.

Top Keywords:
Reveal the best keywords and phrases capable of driving the most traffic to any site, product or funnel, in any niche.

Analyze Organic Competitor Keywords:
Find out which organic keywords send your competition the most traffic and make sure your marketing funnels more traffic your way.

Analyze Paid Competitors Keywords:
Secure a better ROI for your paid advertising by only choosing keywords that are already proven to perform.

Analyze Your Own Keywords:
Search yourself, discover the strengths and weaknesses in your current campaigns, get rid of underperforming keywords, then scale what works.