Stealth Video Sales

 How to actually SELL with marketing videos on a regular basis without wasting tons of time or money

The reason is that online video has quickly become one of the best marketing mediums the world has ever seen.

Using our system we’ve promoted hundreds of affiliate products with great success. What we love about it is how easy yet still effective it is to create these profit pulling videos week in and week out.

image5Whether you are doing reviews, mailing your list or any type of promotion this formula can help you take it up a notch.One of the fastest growing and smartest ways to make money online is by selling your own software or digital products. That is what this formula was built for.

Although we’ve “re-purposed it” for many different uses at the core it’s designed to sell Digital Products.

Have a Kindle book you want to sell more copies of at a higher conversions rate? Great. This formula will help make that

Have a physical product you’d like to sell more of with less traffic? Perfect. Our System can help you do just that.

Here’s what you’ll Learn Inside:

  • Standard Sales Video – We use this 30 minute educational style video as the basis for everything else taught in the course. You’ll get the full breakdown and see us put it into imperfect action that generated us some great income multiple times.
  • Re-purposing for More Money – In this section we show you how to save tons of time by simply re-using (in a specific way) videos you’ve already created. We give you an example of how we slimmed a 20 minute video down to five minutes, placed it in a different funnel and generated almost 10x the revenue.
  • Quick Value Demo – In this section you learn our super simple yet highly effective strategy for creating product demo videos that convert like crazy. You’ll see an example of a video that helped generate some big time sales with very little effort. Massive
  • Video Marketing Case Study – As a part of the bonus traffic training (more below) you’ll see behind the scenes how Justin generated $66k in sales from a YouTube Promotion. It won’t take you long to realize how this knowledge is PURE GOLD. And much much more…


Super Affiliate Warriors


Over 100+ Training Videos — That’s right over 100 videos on how to step up your business. Keep scrolling for a small sample of the categories we will touch inside.One -on- One Coaching — You get live 1 on 1 coaching using our special software from one of 3 of our Ultimate Warriors, included at no extra cost, Monthly Webinars — Jump on monthly as Bazi shows you the latest trends and how you can stay ahead of them for maximum exposure and profits, Live Case Studies — We don’t just teach theory! Watch live as we not only make money but FORCE our students to get in the game!Members Only Downloads — We are always hard at work in the lab and you will get all the benefits of the Super Affiliate War Chest inside, new plugins and themes uploaded monthly, Black Tie Support — Experience a Black Tie level of service and support. 24/7 LIVE support with a real person. Get your questions answered fast, CPA MASTERY – How to create your own AUTOMATED CPA business starting from scratch , 12 POWER Packed lessons on traffic generation using PPV. I cover everything in this course including how to come up with engaging campaigns and my exact step by step process on how you can step up your business, MLM MASTER WARRIOR – Watch over my shoulder as I show you how I mastered MLM and Business Opportunities and rake in the BIG bucks. I even throw in 4 different FREE sources for leads and how you can be top of the leaderboard in no time, INSTAGRAM MASTERY – You will learn how to master the hottest growing social network in 2015. Instagram is on fire and this mastery course will teach you everything you need to know to conquer this firestarter.
Tracking and Retargeting, Learn how to track your customers and retarget them for pennies on the dollar like a true warrior in this video series. Only a real warrior uses these skills to maximize their campaign profits and massively increase ROI.










Domain Rocket Starter

1-CLICK Solution UNCOVERS High Quality Expired Domains With Authority Site Backlinks that’ll Skyrocket Your Rankings

The KEY to ranking higher and getting to that #1 spot is not as difficult as many may make you think it is.There’s a lot of bad advice out there.

But here’s what you really need to know :
To get to that coveted #1 spot, all you need is good content and QUALITY BACKLINKS.

Here’s what no one tells you:
You don’t need 1000s of backlinks to rank higher at hit #1.You just need a few HIGH QUALITY backlinks.

Domain Rocket Expired Domains

Having backlinks from high authority sites is a proven SEO method for ranking higher in search engine results.There are the types of links you can get from Authority Sites like TIME, Techcrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat and other sites like these. Not everyone can get links from these sites.

There are 1000s of quality domains that expire each day and they are priceless for one reason. They have high quality backlinks from authority sites yet many people just let them expire.Well, their loss is your gain.

The KEY is to be able to find these domains that have backlinks from these top authority sites and
buy them quickly at a really low price…for around $10.

Domain Rocket is a fully-web based SEO software that continuously searches 24/7 for expired domains that have backlinks from high authority websites such as Techcrunch, Mashable, Venturebeat, Time, etc.

301 redirect

Easy to use and Newbie Friendly – simple web based interface.Whether you own a site that needs higher rankings and more traffic or you’re an SEO consultant or agency… you can use Domain Rocket to find high quality expired domains to create 301 redirects to YOUR site.

Gives you domains with high quality authority backlinks in seconds.

Runs 24/7 on our powerful cloud servers.

Works on both Mac and PC – access from anywhere in the world.

Uncovers a ton of useful data about each domain.

Helps you securely buy the domain you want in just a few clicks.

DOUBLING YOUR PROFITS : Apart from getting backlinks to your own sites, you can double your profits by offering your private blog network to other site owners and charge them a monthly fee. This way, they get the high-quality back links that will help them rank higher and you’ll make thousands of dollars in profit each month.


Article Site Power Kit Pro

Article Site Power Kit PRO Version uses a special feature called “random snippets” to make your web pages different to those of anyone else. Snippets have a length (typically 100 to 400 characters), so for example a 300-character snippet would be a section of 300 characters taken from an article. A “standard snippet” is taken from the front of an article, so it is basically just the first few sentences of an article. These are commonly used on article sites, but do not have much benefit in terms of unique content. A “random snippet” is taken from anywhere in the article, so it is basically a sequence of words taken from somewhere in the middle of an article. The templates supplied with Article Site Power Kit Pro Version include an extra section on each web page, providing snippets taken from other articles on your site.The software fills this part of each web page with random snippets taken from some of the other articles being used to build the site.Hence each web page of your site contains the main article for that page plus a set of randomly selected snippets of other articles.Since the snippets are randomly selected, the odds of anyone else having the same web pages, even if they are using the same content, is practically zero.This simple solution builds unique web pages for you with zero extra effort.




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