Paxful Launches Bitcoin Donation Drive for Coronavirus Relief

  • Paxful announces Bitcoin donation drive for Coronavirus relief efforts in Africa.
  • The donation will buy essential items for those in danger and the frontline health workers.

Paxful, the company behind popular stablecoin projects like Paxos Dollar and Paxos Gold have announced a new Bitcoin donation drive to collect donations for the Coronavirus relief efforts in Africa. The company initially launched a #BuiltWithBitcoin initiative to help raise awareness regarding the blockchain industry overall.

Africa was widely touted as the next expected epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic but various circumstances have slowed down the expectations. While the virus is still growing in numbers, it hasn’t reached the levels being experienced by European countries. So, while the growth has been slow overall, many countries in the continent are ill-equipped to deal with the disaster even if it continues to strike at a slower overall rate.

Paxful has started the donation drive with $15,000 initially and will match the donations made by other individuals and organizations who donate to the fund. The donated money will go buying Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs), food rations and essentials for the vulnerable and high-risk demographics.

Donation drives around the world are increasingly looking at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for decentralized donation drives. With regular payment channels having issues especially in lesser developed countries like some in Africa, Bitcoin is a very good direct resource to donate to different missions. is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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Peer-to-peer ( P2P ) cryptocurrency marketplace Paxful announced on May 4 the expansion of its #BuiltWithBitcoin charitable initiative in Africa with the launch of the “Africa Fund.”The fund will use Bitcoin ( BTC ) donations to purchase essential resources for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. According to the announcement, COVID-19 cases are increasing in Africa “at exponential rates.” Fundraising aims to acquire Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), food packs, and provide high-risk individuals with groceries and handwashing stations. Paxful will start the fund with $15,000 and match any additional donations submitted up to $15,000 in BTC. Speaking to Cointelegraph, Paxful CEO Ray Youseff said:“We know that the past month has been challenging for everyone. And in Africa, where many Paxful users are from, was also hit by this pandemic. Health systems are underfunded and understaffed and many people are living in unfavorable conditions. In response to that, we are starting a #BuiltWithBitcoin COVID-19 Fund for Africa that aims to directly help communities and showcase crypto as a positive force in times of crisis.”Cryptocurrencies can hurdle major roadblocks in fundraising and charity during the coronavirus crisis. According to Youseff:“The peer-to-peer nature of cryptos passes boundaries of traditional finance, in some cases, it is faster and more convenient when transferring funds. In a pandemic, where time is not on our side and we are restricted to move, we need more reliable alternatives and resources to keep our finances flowing – may it be for money transfers or new revenue streams.”Humanitarian organizations will LAO support the campaign, such as Zam Zam Water, which provides access to clean water supplies and develops schools in villages around the world. Looking ahead, Youseff told Cointelegraph that they remain open to expanding to other regions as long as they find “the right partners as we did in Africa.”The COVID-19 crisis has mobilized the crypto community around the world to join in charitable initiatives. Cointelegraph reported on April 8 that a cryptocurrency fundraising initiative for the Italian Red Cross had tripled its initial campaign goal of roughly $ 10,000 in less than four weeks, allowing them to build COVID-19 medical posts in the country. All data is taken from the source: Article Link:… #africa #etncoin #bitcoinpricegraph #cryptocurrencynews #cryptocurrencyexchange #cryptonews #cryptoexchange Paxful Launches Bitcoin Fundraising Campaign to Combat COVID-19 in Africa:…

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