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Remember how your hormones were critical for weight loss..

Three of those hormones are called Ghrelin and Leptin and Cortisol. Ghrelin tells your body to eat. Leptin tells your body to stop eating. And Cortisol increases your overall appetite.What do they have to do with REM sleep? When you’re sleep deprived (not enough REM) your body starts making more Ghrelin and Cortisol, and a lot less Leptin. Bottom line… when you’re sleepy, you get hungry.The good news is this…You can dramatically increase your REM sleep.You can do it without sleeping more hours per night.

People think they need to abandon their favorite foods to burn fat. So more often than not, they try ultra restrictive diets – only to give them up a few weeks later.It’s an ugly cycle.But what if I told you that WHAT you eat and even HOW MUCH is not the most important factor in your diet. What if the real diet secret is WHEN you eat?Doesn’t make sense does it?Surprisingly the science shows that scheduling your eating is more effective than traditional dieting. More importantly, it’s a lot easier for the average person to do.

It’s not about long hours of exercise. It’s not about unsustainable diets (the kind you give up after 2 weeks of limited progress). It’s about fine tuning your body for results. If you want to see progress… I’m talking real sustainable progress that doesn’t plateau… you need to try something non-traditional. Something most trainers don’t even know about. It’s a way to spend less time working out – usually under 60 minutes (including your shower) – but with greater fat burning impact. This is so effective, you literally continue burning fat AFTER you’ve left the gym.


A personal trainer can definitely whip you into shape. Over 6 months you could easily wind up spending $5-10,000 on a decent one. But what if they’re not familiar with the techniques I’m sharing with you? What if they’re still stuck using a scientifically disproven approach? You might end up paying serious money with low or no results.The same goes for nutritionists. Hiring one to make a meal plan for you, and to help monitor your diet might cost $100 or $200 per hour – thousands overall. But because of the rapid pace of advancements in dietary science…They might simply NOT KNOW the latest lab developments in the field.

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