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To date we are sending tons of powerful links to our own websites while ranking our Google Properties..Now we’ve added MORE social signals into the mix.

Check out Petes latest video where he shows you why WordPress Blogs rank so strong in Google by adding these extra social signals to your own website will help it greatly in terms of ranking itself.

See this case study where he targets the most expensive Top suburbs in Brisbane in the SEO Niche, so If he can do it in the most competitive markets, imagine what you can do in your markets.

I say the most competitive niche, because the sites he’s competing against are created by the people paid to rank the websites in your market, these are the best of the best in terms of Ranking in Google, and with Petes software, he’s beating them easily by investing only a few minutes of his time.

In this video you’ll see how many top Page 1 rankings he achieved. Many No1’s using only minutes of his time as you’ll see..He shows you why WordPress ranks so well in Google. Then runs the software and shows the results. With some nice SEO Tips and Tricks in there also.

Results in 5 minutes:

City #1 – ranked p1-3 right under 2 results from Yelp
City #2 – ranked p1-4 right under 3 results from Yelp
City #3 – ranked p1-3 right under 2 results from Yelp
City #4 – ranked p1-8 under a number of Yelp, home advisor and others (largest of the 5 cities – 200K pop.)
City #5 – ranked p2-4 interesting thing is that this was the smallest city (36K pop.)

WP Blog Creator advantages:

  • High Converting Sales Page

  • Peak Persuation Copy

  • Amazing Instant Commissions

  • Strategic Prelaunch Sequence

  • Free Fidget Spinner delivered anywhere in the world

  • Produce an Addition 32% in recurring sales

  • 100% SEO Optimized

The absolute Best thing about this software is you do not need anything else apart from your own content. No google accounts, no emails. The software Creates everything it needs to successfully create highly SEO Optimized Original WordPress Posts that Rank! People are hitting page 1 in just 15 mins after ordering the WpCreator.

Once Google see’s these nice social signals pointing to your content, it’s thinking, people are blogging about this stuff so it must be cool and we’ll expose this cool stuff to more People.

Not to mention the volume you can create easily of powerful links (that also rank) once you’ve set up your project.

You can choose the “Repeat” Feature and fire up the software click next a couple of times and BOOM! a completely NEW Set of links created and Rankings in Google, dominating even more of the first page of Google.

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