Polyphasic Sleep Mastery – How to Boost Energy …

Choosing the type of polyphasic sleep that’s right for you. We go over all the schedules and also help you create a custom polyphasic sleep schedule that suits your needs.For an optimal adaptation to polyphasic sleep, you need to be in an optimal environment, because it is your environment that dictates how your body changes it’s hormone secretions, and your hormones are the most controlling substances in your body!We have compiled the largest volume of information on polyphasic sleep currently available anywhere. Inside this ebook you will find everything you need to get started with polyphasic sleep. We go over common issues you may face when starting with polyphasic sleep and how to deal with.Simply imagine what artistic achievements, scientific innovations and other such accomplishments could be achieved were we not bound by our bedroom routine. | Online Marketing Tools

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