Pop Notify – How To Use Facebook’s Behavior Conditioning To Your Advantage

This diabolically simple yet easy-to-use plug-in utilizes Facebook’s behavior-conditioning shenanigans to compel users to click any link you want, whether it’s affiliate links or any PPC ads you’re getting commissions from, among many other moneymaking methods on the Worldwide Web.

People have a tendency to automatically click pop-ups and whatnot, especially if they’re Facebook users.

Take advantage of this conditioned Facebook response to bring customers to certain pages that are in desperate need of clicks, attention, and traffic. The Pop Notify site even has a video detailing how all this works.

Watch it and have your mind blown on how simple it is to make money on autopilot by depending on the kind of behavior that many social media users are used to by now when it comes to clicking and visiting sites.

The more (natural, non-click-fraud) clicks you get out of those users, the more commission you’ll have. This can also result in convertible gains for the people paying you to drive traffic to their sites and widen that visitor-to-customer bottleneck in their sales funnel.

You’re literally forcing visitors to click on specific things you want by taking advantage of their conditioned response from using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then again, those sites have conditioned them to react to pop-ups and whatnot for the same reason you’re taking advantage of the very same thing.

This clever little tool by developers Andrew Lewin and Brad Gosse understand the story behind Pavlov’s dog and how certain stimuli makes a person do things that would otherwise not make any sense. Facebook has associated certain actions with certain rewards, such that the actions in people’s minds are linked to the reward.

Pavlov had a dog that he fed whenever he rang a bell for a few weeks. He afterwards rang the bell without feeding the dog to gauge his response. He observed that the dog would salivate every time the bell is rung, thinking he’d be fed even though he was never fed.

The same conditioned response from Facebook and its denizens can be taken advantage of with Facebook-style notification pop-up boxes from the bottom left corner of the page courtesy of Pop Notify.

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