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Pop Notify is a Diabolical Yet Simple Plug-In Uses Facebook’s Behavior Conditioning To Force Your Users To Click Any Link You Choose. It will let you to Discover How You Can Literally Force Your Visitors To Click On Anything By Taking Advantage Of Their Own Conditioned Response. Even though Pop Notify is easy to use.Hopefully by now you’ve noticed those irresistible Facebook style notification boxes in all websites.If you’re one of the 800 million people who use Facebook, you’ll find those boxes irresistible. Because you are conditioned to notice those when your friends leave you comments. The problem today is, people are so conditioned to ignore advertising in your sidebar, opt in boxes etc. Smart Internet marketers are always on the cutting edge when it comes to getting users to take action. This tool puts you on the cutting edge. Your visitors have never seen ad units that look like this.

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