Postradamus allows you to work on my own sites as well as 40+ other sites and maintain and keeps them up… couldn’t be done with anything else out there.Find viral photos from places like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Imgur. Also find books and products from Amazon (affiliate link included). Find news stories from Reddit or RSS feeds. Add YouTube videos. Mass upload your own images from your hard drive.

Create huge lists of viral content (photos, text, videos, links). Once a piece of viral content is added to a list, it becomes a “post”. Posts can be duplicated, searched, sorted, deleted and of course modified. You can edit the text, photo and other important pieces of each post.

Create extremely flexible schedules that you can use on your lists to automatically choose dates and times for each post in your list to be published. Built in calendar for drag and drop manual scheduling as well.

When you order Postradamus we’ll also throw in at no extra cost. InstaPost is a one of a kind fan page posting tool built specifically to be easy to use, quick, and best for “on the go” posting (using phone, tablet, laptop, etc) to your fan pages.

If you are in a pinch and need to quickly put up a post or 2 on your page, InstaPost is the perfect tool for the job. However, make no mistake, its features are limited, so when you need more power, Postradamus is the ultimate fan page posting tool solution.

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Postradamus allows you to find the raving fans, what gets them to like, comment and share and know exactly what to emulate.


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