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At Power Surf Central our singular goal is to reward our Traffic Exchange members in as many ways as we can for their loyalty.Ways such as a: Powerful system designed to reward members for their surfing activity while also providing resources to help expand their business strategies. Surfing bonus given on a daily, weekly and monthly basis Central resource area which will provide information that will contribute to each members individual success.The PSC Rewards System rewards active members with bonuses of credits, impressions and text links given on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.The PSC Resource Center provides valuable resources for each members personal use plus gives them the option of rebranding each resource with their personal links. In turn they can use these resources to give away as their own bonuses or to build their own lists.The Power Surf Central that you see today is not the Power Surf Central that you’ll see tomorrow, or next week or even next year. We are an ever evolving program designed to grow with and for our members, keeping them always as our top priority.



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