PR Powershot

With PR Powershot you will be able to Instantly get an email once a domain with a specified keyword, specified extension and specified page rank becomes available, Check against fake PR, get a full backlink profile (not just the amount of backlinks the FULL scoop!) and social signals (Google+, Facebook, Twitter), find out the real domain age at a push of a button.PR Powershot will automatically scan, real time, Godaddy’s entire domain database (Godaddy Auctions) and email you as soon something becomes available.You can set PR Powershot to track domain name for your keyword, look for the extensions (TLDs) you want, and what pagerank the domain should be. Plus, you can select only “buy now” auctions or only “bid” auctions – or both. You don’t need to worry about missing out on the domain, or paying too much. With built in Proxy bidding – You can simply enter your maximum. And your bid will only go up in increments (it may not get anywhere NEAR your maximum.) PLUS PR Powershot’s built in reminder system will email you, however many minutes before you like, when the auction is ending. We’ve got that auction under a careful watchful eye. We’ve also got you covered in the future. Constantly updated – you will receive all new additions and updates to the software.




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