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Premium Plugin Club is an amazing product with over 50 Premium Plugins for the price of one, your complete WP Toolkit, with full developer rights! Premium Plugin Club include: Ads Manager, Classified Ads, Email Manager, Auto Messenger, Backup & Migration/Site Cloning, Carousel and Sliders, Events Manager, SEO Tools, Tooltips, Shortcodes, Social Buttons and Tools, Accordian, Market Press, T.O.S., Q and A, Memberships Manager, Affiliate Tools, Security & Anti Malware, Directory Builder, Video Embedding, Chat Manager, Drag and Drop Page Builder, Notification Bars, Thumbs Up/Down, Billboards and more.Having the right tools for the job always makes life easier. Making sure you have the right WordPress plugin for any scenario can prove to be a tad expensive though, with most premium plugins costing anywhere from $47 to $97 or more, building your perfect WP Toolbox can cost an arm and a leg.That’s exactly why Matt Garrett and Gary Prendergast have put together an amazing special offer for you, the most complete WP Plugins toolkit available.Whatever you need for that new niche site, or whatever your new client needs, the solution can now be at your fingertips






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