Qilio 2.0


Qilio 2.0 You Can Quickly Build FB Fan Page Communities That Pay You Over Time, Without Spending A Dime On Ads. It was created as a result of over 1,500 hours of research.

It’s based on teachings from top Facebook marketers, and it has been beta tested by 100+ users for 6 months. No glitches, no bugs, no problems. It contains Built-in RSS Feed Reader To Group Feeds – provides unique content for all of your fan pages, Content Library For Evergreen Niche Specific Content, And Keyword Relevant News Topics.

You can discover related sub-niches within your large niches,  20+ Ready-Made Post Templates – with call to actions to promote your offers,  15 Top Google trending topics in real time .

You always know what people are talking about, right now, Smileys And Special Objects Library ,effortlessly spruces up your posts, Image Background Library that let you choose attention-grabbing backgrounds for all popular image posts such as quotes, coupons, memes and call to action image library and Public Domain Image Sources.

You can do search using keywords from public domain sites, and attach images to the editor using the URL of image, Powerful Image Editor Module and create custom image posts.

Image editor tools include crop, rotate, add various filter effects, blur , and more, Video Posts Module – creates video post types. Select from latest online channels video feeds or search using keywords.

Option to add your YouTube channels, Hashtags And Keywords Maintenance Module – automatically find dazzling content for all your fan pages, Post Schedule Maintenance Module – manages all your fan pages scheduled posts.

Reschedule, view the scheduled posts and delete scheduled posts, Post analytics Module that let you view the likes, shares, comments and other engagement and negative indicator data for your posts. In build logic to identify viral posts.





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