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Thousands of marketers have already indulged in Quora Marketing and been successful. If you don’t know this phenomenal marketing strategy Quora shares a tremendous knowledge to more than 100 million users a month. With more than 400,000 topics, it covers almost every query that a human brain comes across.

People love to listen to the influencers on any platform. On quora people want answers for their questions and solutions for their problems. To be an influencer, you need a large number of followers and more number of upvotes. QuoraDominator helps you with these two key aspects of Quora Marketing and makes you an influencer of your niche in the community.

Given its precision in finding the right question and answers for a query, people love to visit Quora. Being a fountainhead of knowledge that gives value to its users, Quora is the best place to brand your business. Using Quora Cash Machine you can:

  • Value to the users with quality niche content brings credibility to your business
  • Links provided in the popular answers drive traffic to your website
  • Catch the eyeballs of prospects and drive them to your landing page thereby generating quality leads and sales

To gain valuable traffic for your business from Quora. Your answer should be at the top of every answer written for the particular question. And to achieve top position your answer must be upvoted by the readers.

Getting upvote for your answer is the mul mantra to be the leader of Quora marketing. Upvote is the primary feedback which tells authors that their content fulfilling the prospects. People having different perception someone will like your content and some will not.

And if your content got a downvote from the reader then it will impossible for you to be on the top of the answer list. Who will be at the top is decided by upvote given by the reader. And gaining upvote for your content on Quora is not a cup of tea for everybody.

But don’t be panic QuoraDomiantor is here to rescue you from every prospect of Quora Marketing.



You can give the desired number of upvotes to the answers that are in the favor of your business. You have to input the URL of answer and input the number of votes required to it. Once you click on the start button, QuoraDominator will start its work. With the safe automation methods, your answers can secure the top position on an answer page.


Turn down the answers that go against you. Just like upvoting the answers, you can cautiously downvote the answers that cause the defamation of your business on Quora. Input the URL of the answer and the number downvotes required and click Start. Thus, you can protect your reputation in the Q&A community.


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