Raising Our Daughters To Be Brave: 5 Tips from Top Athlete Crista Samaras – Samantha Walravens


Crista Samaras made headlines as a nationally ranked lacrosse player at Princeton from 1994-1999 and a gold medalist in the 2001 IFWLA World Cup as a member of the Women’s National Team. She went on to coach women’s lacrosse at Yale and start three companies. From the outside, she is a true American success story. What is less known about her is her lifelong struggle with depression. “I wasn’t a person who ‘kind of” suffered from depression,” explains Samaras. “I was a suicidal kid from seventh grade until today. It’s just the state I’m in……

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/geekgirlrising/2018/09/13/never-use-the-word-fearless-5-tips-for-raising-brave-girls/#154544a42cf6



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