Rapid Mailer


RapidMailer is the ultimate self-managed Autoresponder platform to maximize your email marketing. Many smart marketers realize that Rapid Mailer is a powerful, flexible and no-brainer alternative to expensive, restrictive email services that charge high monthly fees .Rapid Mailer has additional  features that take email marketing to the next level (in fact many levels above) by incorporating well known and very successful marketing techniques in to emails. Such as:Paid Subscriptions – have ‘public’ and paid mailing lists. If you have content you could sell to members – automate the process, by having a paid subscription service, where people pay to be on your mailing list.  This is great for marketing niches such as ‘weight loss’, ‘penny stocks’ ‘job advertising’ ‘adult niche’.Video Integration – a simple format to input a YouTube video in to emails.  Imagine the power of an email explaining your offer  – but in a way that speeds up the opening of an email with ’embedded content’.



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