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If you want more real estate agents knocking on your door wanting to hire you then stop selling your service. The secret is to help them solve difficult problems in their business that limit their income and that they cannot fix alone.You see, every service provider is pulling at their purse strings trying to sell something and so you get ignored. The best thing you can do for your service is to stop trying to sell it and instead share information with real estate agents that address their biggest problems.If you take this approach you’ll make a lot more friends quicker, don’t you agree? You build trust, but more importantly, you shape their perception of being an expert so you stand above the crowded field.The idea behind you sharing the digital real estate marketing magazine is to shape their perception of you being different from all the other service providers.The best problem you could have is that real estate agents always call you first when they need help solving a problem, wouldn’t you agree? This is how you grow your business and diversify your offerings. I’m confident that if you brand this magazine as your own and promote it you’ll gain new clients and sell more services to your existing clients.



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