Renault Launches Car-Sharing Service For Ikea Customers

Renault Launches Car-Sharing Service For Ikea Customers | Future of Electric Cars, Autonomous Vehicles & Energy |

Have you ever made a trip to a big-box store only to buy more stuff than you can haul home in your own car? Renault is giving French Ikea shoppers a way around that problem. The automaker is setting up a car-sharing service that allows customers to rent vehicles directly from the Ikea parking lot.

Renault is rolling out the service at the Paris-Villiers Ikea store but hopes to make car sharing available at all French Ikea stores by September. The service is an expansion of Renault Mobility, which already has 180 self-service, 24/7 rental locations in France. Customers can rent a vehicle starting at €7 ($8.53 at current exchange rates) per hour. Vehicles must be returned to Ikea or Renault Mobility stations at the end of the rental. Read more …

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