Safari Mailer

SafariMailer allows you as a member to stand out from the crowd and get the exposure you need for your ads and for your brand. With great features such as our social integration which allows you to add your Facebook, Twitter and IMLoop profiles to your ads brings your marketing exposure to a whole new level.Come join an awesome program and team that will help you stick out from the crowd. The unique and powerful features of this viral mailer will get results for your ads.If your interested in replacing your full time job, making a second income online or just making a few extra bucks as a hobby online then Safarimailer is here to help you reach your goals. Safarimailer is a unique viral mailer not only in design but also in its features and it’s commitment to helping new and veteran marketers. The owner Paula Zuehlke has spent the last 10 years making HitSafari (traffic exchange) a leading traffic exchange.Now with the launch of SafariMailer you can be sure this same level of commitment and success will shine through.



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