Safelist Extreme


With SafelisteXtreme you have at your disposal the opportunity to contact members who are double opt-ins and willing to look at the emails you send out. For each of your emails that you send out (at least the ones that you send out with the credit mailer), they are read by an individual so that they can receive credits.

These credits can be used to send out their own emails to members of the safelist. These are people who are into internet marketing and if you can write a compelling email you will have a great opportunity of piquing their interest and having them click through to your sales page, blog, or squeezepage.

With your free membership you will receive 50,000 credits to get you started with your first mailings. You can also use these credits to place banners on the website if you desire.

=> 50,000 Mailing Credits!
=> Mail at not cost!
=> Free Promotion For Any Affiliate Program

In exchange for this service you agree that you will take the time to look at other peoples emails when they send them out. You have two mailing options with SafelisteXtreme – the simple mailer and the credit based mailer.


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