Safelist XL


SafelistXL is a member of Masters Marketing Network, an elite group of email marketing websites offering you benefits and deals that single mailer sites simply cannot offer.

Imagine a system that builds the list for you. Imagine a system that was integrated into a network of email marketing websites capable of offering you thousands and thousands of potential customers. Imagine making a significant residual income as you partner with us in building our network?

There’s no need to imagine anymore. As a member of Masters Marketing Network, SafelistXL provides you all these things and more.

* Schedule Your Emails 30 Days In Advance
* Discounted Master Membership Upgrades
* Member Activity In One Site Provides Bonuses In Other Sites
* Receive Solo Ads From
* Monthly Bonus Credits
* Earn Credits Viewing Emails
* Earn Credits Clicking Banners & Text Ads
* Banner & Text Advertising
* Affordable Login Spotlight Ads
* Downline Builder
* Earn Residual Income & Credits Through Referrals
* Email Your Downline
* Plus A Whole Lot MORE!

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