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The owner, Cristina Dyer is new to traffic exchange ownership, but not to traffic exchanges. He’s been surfing them for more than 10 years. Now he’s decided to take the plunge and start his own traffic exchange site.

Because he’s been surfing for a long time, Cristina has also learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to traffic exchange promotion. He’s going to pass that knowledge on to the members and teach them how to get the best possible results.

What this means for you is both spectacular delivery of free traffic and spectacular results. You may know that a lot of traffic exchanges have so called dynamic surfing ratios.

But how dynamic is it really when the credits you earn get bumped up from say 0.50 to 0.51 for every site you surf? Those days are gone.Sakura-Traffic now has really dynamic surfing ratios. I’m not talking about some 0.01 increase. You can build up to double your normal surfing ratio.

Here is what’s included in your upgrade

Platinum members Free members

� 1:1 surf ratio
1,000 credits per month
List up to 250 websites
List 250 Banner & Text Ads
8 second surf timer
� 40% commissions
� Random referrals

� 2:1 surf ratio
� No monthly credit bonus
� List up to 10 websites
� List 10 Banner & Text Ads
� 12 second surf timer
� 10% commissions

As you surf, keep a look out for sakura (cherry blossom) petals. If you find one, click on the link to claim it. Once you find five petals, you will complete a sakura blossom and you will get a 5% bonus on your base surfing ratio. You can find up to five petals per day.

Keep on accumulating more sakura blossoms to increase Your surfing ratio. You can increase your surfing ratio by up to 100%. That means that even a free member can earn up to 1.0 credits … a 1:1 surfing ratio! Now that’s what I call dynamic.

Let’s Just Review Everything You Are Getting…

Save A Massive Amount Of Surfing Time… as an upgraded member you will earn more credits and faster.

Earn Massive Affiliate Commissions… if you recommend Sakura Traffic to others I want to reward you in a big way!

Get A Ton Of Free Bonus Advertising… month after month like clock work.

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