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Scope Freak is an amazing new Periscope tool that lets you download and keep any periscope stream. No longer are you forced to watch the video within 24 hours. To date, no other software tool out there lets you do this in such an easy manner.

With Scope Freak, you now have an unlimited number of videos for your online content, helping you to easily dominate your video marketing in any niche. If you are an established JV and would like a review copy, For the longest time, every single Periscope video is only available for 24 hours after its initial broadcast.

Take a look at this post from a marketer on Facebook:Well guess what – there IS now an easy way to export the Periscope content – Scope Freak to the rescue. No longer are you forced to consume the content on Periscope’s terms.

With Scope Freak, any Periscope video, whether yours, or someone else you follow (like the person in the excerpt above), can be instantly downloaded and saved onto your local computer for future reference or for re-purposing.

When you do… You’ll understand why it’s SO Addictive and why Marketers of ALL kinds are using this Amazing Social-Video Platform to benefit their bottom-line. Even if you Don’t use Periscope… This Game-Changing software that is about to be released will STILL BENEFIT YOU and ALL your Marketing efforts, in ANY Niche.

You’ll see and hear about the public launch of ‘Scope Freak‘. You’ll definitely want to check it out. There is NOTHING like this out on that market and as with everything it’s all about ‘Timing’. With Periscope being new and so hot. The ones that Fully utilize it’s benefits ‘early’ are the ones to benefit the most.




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