Seamless Secure


A brand new WordPress plugin is specially designed to keep your WordPress site completely safe and secure from hackers, spammers, malware’s, etc. Seamless Secure is one of the best WP Security plugin. The Seamless Secure plugin comes with five pairs of security tools starting from Malware scanner & Removal Tool, Five layers security, Complete Site Backups, Schedule Backups, & Restore Backups. With this plugin, you can schedule your website backups as often you like that is either every day or each hour. This ensures your site to remain updated all the time and safe and in case of any emergency, you can easily restore all these backups just with a click of a button. There are literally more than thousands of known malware that can infiltrate into your website. Once you check through our amazing scanner then you will see that how many of malware are getting detected and cleaned by malware scanner that comes packed with Seamless Secure. This wonder plugin is going to bullet proof your site against all kinds of hacking attacks by making it impossible for hackers to virtually getting access to your website.



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