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It’s not voodoo – believe it or not most keyword tools make a huge meal of this.Of course, we’re not saying that keyword research is dead, far from it – we’re saying that in order to build sites your seed keyword should be checked with trusted & reliable sources for traffic (SEO COMMANDER PRO upgrade gives you access to SEM RUSH keyword data at a massive discount)

SEO Commander 2.0Once you have a high traffic seed keyword you need to build sites with long tail derivatives of your seed keyword as these are highly likely to have buyer intent.Although each authority site knows the exact amount of searches they get for each keyword, they choose to give us vague estimates to increase the number of keywords targeted for PPC. They are NOT interested in your SEO efforts as this isn’t profitable for them.

SEO commander searches 18 top authority sites and brings back huge amounts of targetable keywords using basic, alphabetical & multi-threaded search which pulls up almost every searched for variant…FAST.


Rapid Keyword Discovery

Simple and Easy To Use Interface- SEO Commander provides an abundance of features including discovering the highest searched related keywords from eighteen top sources including Google, Bing,,,, BestBuy, eBay, Etsy, SnapDeal, YouTube, Yahoo, Ask. + more
stopwatchit’s is so easy to use… just enter the domain(s) / keyword(s) and in a click or two of the mouse SEO Commander will give you results.

Optional Pro Upgrade

Unlock these powerful PRO SEO features.If you want access to the same data as professional SEO Agencies use, we are offering a special deal on the upgrade to the pro version for all customers.
seocommanderproThe pro version has all the features of the standard version, plus some new exclusive tools, many of which are not offered by any other software.

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