Serp Shaker

Serp Shaker

Serp Shaker evolved from an original plugin that was released by Andres Tobar. That plugin was called Local Page Ninja. It took the internet by storm. Thousands of copies of LPN were sold. People were excited that made their first money online ever. However, over the years a lot of knowledge has been obtained, by using the plugin. That knowledge has now been incorporated into Serp Shaker. Above in the slider, you can see some of what Serp Shaker is capable of. That is only a fraction of the results. with this method of building sites we create throw away sites. Sites that may rank 1 year, sites that may rank 3 months, sites that may rank 3 weeks. But what they do is create incredible surges of organic traffic. So what we do is change the way people think about creating sites. Most people are concerned with building one site and spending months and months on getting them to rank. We spend minutes on a site, get it ranking and either display offers on those sites, or funnel the traffic to the main converting sites. Organic traffic just converts better then paid traffic period. Plus the low cost, and short learning curve of getting organic traffic is super appealing.



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