Short-Term XRP Market Analysis: Must Hold Uptrend

As Bitcoin (BTC) faces a moment of some decision, XRP (XRP) too stands at a critical juncture for short to medium term trading. Namely, the notable altcoin must hold within consolidation patterns on *both* XRP/BTC and XRP/USD charts, and continue pushing toward a breakout scenario later in June – and it must do this despite what Bitcoin does.

XRP/BTC has been consolidating in a triangle pattern, after blowing through an important uptrend support level in April and bouncing of a lower support level in May. That bounce brought some impressive USD gains during May, 60% worth.

6 june xrp pa(source:

This pattern should conclude about mid-month, if it holds, although it is not in itself a particularly bullish formation, and thus could break down at any time. Arguing for the weakness of XRP in this pattern, we notice that XRP/BTC has not retested the top of the pattern on this latest cycle.

6 june xrp pa(source:

Looking at XRP/USD above, we note what strongly resembles an ascending triangle consolidation pattern – a bullish pattern. Although this uptrend has held, Bitcoin’s uncertainty could become a problem: any dramatic drop in Bitcoin’s price could easily knock XRP/USD out of this pattern, down to $0.35 or even $0.30.

As Bitcoin reaches the end of its own small consolidation pattern, a more dramatic move should come soon. After that, it may quickly become evident which way XRP is going to go. It is definitely possible that, even with a Bitcoin dump, XRP/BTC could have a leg up and keep the XRP/USD chart from falling out.

6 june xrp pa(source:

As we can see on the above weekly chart, XRP has been one of the worst performing major altcoins of 2019. Maybe that will change soon.

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Source: CryptoGlobe

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