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Create Facebook Messenger List [Like Email list] of Subscribers from your fan pages, websites, or even offline. Send Bulk Messages to All these Subscribers in 1 Click Imaging Sending a Personal Message to All Engaged fans of Your Facebook page in 1 Click.

Send them Page Updates, Product Updates, discount Coupons etc in minute if seconds right inside their Facebook messenger, Create a Welcome Message, canned responses etc, Create Smart Sequence Engagement Bot to Auto-Interact with your Prospects and Fans.

Auto Comment on Posts based on Specific Keywords or phrases either in Public or Private, Auto Reply to Personal Messages based on Specific Keywords or Phrases, Auto Delete Comments with Negative keywords and Reach your 1000’s of connected fans over and over again in just click of a button.

Facebook opened up their Subscription API’s for developers recently and Shot Messenger is one of the first tools to be using those features. FB Messenger is the World’s Biggest and Fastest Growing Messaging Service and it’s already crushing Emails and others in terms of Sending out Traffic.

Using FB Messenger Bulk Automation Service, you’ll get 100% Guaranteed Open Rates every Single Tim. You can build your brand and authority almost instantly and direct your audience with links to your offers resulting in Profits.


It allows you to:

# Send Traffic to your Unlimited Websites

# Send Discount Coupons or Promo Deals to all your Subscribers

# Send High Class Rich Media Messages to show you in Extreme League above your Competition

# Healthy Customer Relationship by being just one Step Away from all of them

# Increase Overall Viewership, Engagement & Exposure

# Increase the Good Standing of your Facebook account by sending out Quick Replies



The Lifetime Access accounts are available at Low One Time Price. So don’t take keep thinking for a decision, which is actually a No Brainer. In just ONE case study, one of the product user got over 788 Subscribers in less than 24 Hours and made over 1200 Bucks in Single Day.



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